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VolumeShield AntiCopy provides a complete security, audit, and compliance solution managing the security of USB, FireWire, and CD/DVD burners on laptops and personal computers.

Designed in partnership with leading security experts and major auditing firms AntiCopy provides comprehensive protection against data theft and security threat injection. Enterprise ready, AntiCopy can be easily deployed across hundreds or thousands of computers.

If you are tasked with managing the security of your organization’s workstations and laptops, ensuring compliance with external audit and data privacy standards such as Sarbanes-Oxley, GLBA, HIPAA or Basel II, need to meet the requirements of internal auditors, or simply need to be protected from the uncontrolled use of portable storage devices, then AntiCopy is an essential component of your endpoint security infrastructure.

With AntiCopy you can:

protect against data theft and security threat injection,

comply with data privacy and audit standards

manage the use of portable storage devices on your network

Personal Edition

AntiCopy Personal Edition provides complete protection against data theft from personal or laptop computers. Worried about someone stealing your personal documents or your contact list? With Personal Edition, you are able to prevent the use of unauthorized ports and portable storage devices, log device use, and create a list of your own frequently used devices. Free for non-commercial use, AntiCopy Personal Edition provides you with the confidence that your computer is secured from data theft no matter where you are.

Enterprise Edition

AntiCopy Enterprise Edition is designed to protect even the largest enterprise networks from data theft via the unauthorized use of portable storage devices. Enterprise Edition enables central definition and administration of device use policies and provides rapid deployment to hundreds or thousands of workstations. If you are responsible for securing the "endpoint" personal computers and laptops on your network, then AntiCopy Enterprise edition is the solution for you.

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System Requirements


About VolumeShield

System Requirements
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VolumeShield AntiCopy is a Microsoft Windows application that uses Microsoft .NET technology.

Operating Systems:

Microsoft Windows XP Home SP2

Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP2

Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional SP4

Microsoft Windows 2000 Server SP4

Microsoft Windows 2003 Server (32-bit) SP1


AntiCopy actively manages the connections that can be used to transfer data to and from the PC, such as:

USB (Universal Serial Bus) ports

Diskette drives

FireWire (IEEE 1394) ports

Internal/external floppy drives

Internal/external CD-ROM and DVD drives

Storage Devices:
USB Flash Memory/Disks

iPods and media players

Other Plug and Play storage (includes portable hard drives, etc.)

RIM Blackberry

Microsoft CE PDAs

Palm OS devices

Optical Drives:
DVD/CD ROM (includes internal and external drives/writers)

Note: Infrared and Bluetooth are not supported at this time.

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