Dane-Elec is jumping into the USB 3.0 speedboat by announcing a full line-up of external hard and solid state drives that make use of the new connection interface. Part of the So(Mobile/Ready) SuperSpeed series, the USB 3.0 HDDs will come in 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch formats with capacities going from 500GB to 2TB, while the So Extreme SuperSpeed SSDs, which make use of Intel X25-M SSDs, will have 80 and 160GB capacities. According to Dane-Elec, the SSDs' transfer speed reaches 250 MB/s.

Overall, Dane-Elec's USB 3.0 offer will make its retail debut on December 11 and include the 500GB ($180) and 640GB ($200) 2.5-inch SoMobile SuperSpeed HDDs, 500GB ($150), 750GB ($170), 1TB ($200), 1.5TB ($240) and 2TB (price N/A) 3.5-inch SoReady SuperSpeed HDDs and 80GB ($400) and 160GB ($800) 2.5-inch SSD Premium SuperSpeed drives.



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