dupeGuru is a tool to find duplicate files on your computer. It can scan either filenames or contents.

The filename scan features a fuzzy matching algorithm that can find duplicate filenames even when they are not exactly the same. dupeGuru runs on Windows and Mac OS X.


dupeGuru is efficient. Find your duplicate files in minutes, thanks to its quick fuzzy matching algorithm. dupeGuru not only finds filenames that are the same, but it also finds similar filenames.

dupeGuru is customizable. You can tweak its matching engine to find exactly the kind of duplicates you want to find. The Preference page of the help file lists all the scanning engine settings you can change.

dupeGuru is safe. Its engine has been especially designed with safety in mind. Its reference directory system as well as its grouping system prevent you from deleting files you didn't mean to delete.

Do whatever you want with your duplicates. Not only can you delete duplicates files dupeGuru finds, but you can also move or copy them elsewhere. You can also easily weed the bad duplicates out, thanks to the Power Marker.

dupeGuru's code is openly available, thus leading to more transparency and insuring its continued support.

NOTE: Although dupeGuru can scan any type of file, which includes music files, if you want to find duplicate songs in your music collection, you should use dupeGuru Music Edition. dupeGuru ME is a much better tool for this job. But hey, why only buy dupeGuru ME when you can buy both dupeGuru ME and dupeGuru for an additional 5$?


* Windows: 2k/XP/Vista.
* Mac OS X: Tiger, Leopard or Snow Leopard. PowerPC or Intel (Universal).

Size : 9.3 MB

Download :






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