Blackra1n RC3 is available for download for Windows & Mac along with Blacksn0w to unlock iPhone 3.1.2 OS is added to Cydia. Kudos to Goehot for bringing jailbreak & unlock for iPhone OS 3.1.2. Blacksn0w can unlock iPhone 3G & 3GS with firmware 3.1.2 having baseband 05.11.07.

We are here with step by step guide on how to unlock iPhone 3G/3Gs 3.1.2 using blacksn0w. Carefully read all the instruction before jumping to unlock iPhone. We will not be responsible for any damage which may occur to your iPhone using this guide. You are warned!!

How to Unlock iPhone 3G/3GS 3.1.2 OS

Case 1: Your iPhone OS 3.1.2 is already jailbreaked using Blackra1n

1. if you have previously jailbroke your iPhone using BlackRa1n/Blackra1n rc2 and you kept the on it, then run BlackRa1n. The Icy icon should be replaced by the “ra1n” option.

2. Select “ra1n” to upgrade BlackRa1n to RC3. After upgrading, run BlackRa1n and you should see the “sn0w” option. Just select “sn0w” and it will unlock your iPhone.

3. If you have deleted then you can download Blackra1n RC3 and re-jailbreakto get now simply instyall blacksn0w and unlock your iPhone 3.1.2 os.

Case 2: Your iPhone OS 3.1.2 is not jailbreaked yet

1. Download iPhone OS 3.1.2 and upgrade your iPhone with iTunes

2. Now download Blackra1n RC3 to jailbreak iPhone OS 3.1.2.

3. Click on Make it Ra1n let the Blackra1n do the job

4. Once your iPhone enters into recovery mode and reboots, start the blackra1n app and you should now see “sn0w” option as can be seen from the screenshot below.


5. Once you’ve installed the applications, restart your iPhone. To do that, just hold down the top button until the Slide to power off message appears. Slide the button, and wait for your device to turn off. Turn on your device and you should now see the applications you selected on your iPhone.

Now enjoy your unlocked iPhone 3.1.2 OS.



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