Disk de-fragmentation -- By doing a disk de-fragmentation you can bring fragmented pieces of data and system files into single chunks. This means when the data or files are being accessed the access will be faster because they are fetched from a single place instead of being pieced together from various portions. By defragmenting the disk you also get compressed data on your laptop which in turn leads to freeing of space on the hard disk. In order to get to the disk de-fragment utility program you can click on Start All Programs Accessories System Tools Disk Defragmenter. This is one answer available to those who have the question "how to make laptop faster".

Step 2
Disk maintenance -- removing programs that have been on your system without being used for a long time is one sure shot way that can be followed by users who wonder about how to make laptop faster. Getting rid of temporary files and those that are not needed any longer frees up space. In order to access the utility for disk cleanup you can do the following steps -- Click on Start. Go to All Programs and then click on Accessories. Next choose System Tools after which you can click on Disk Clean Up. Here there is a list of items that you can check or uncheck. By "checking" you can clean those objects. The following are objects that you can clean out periodically with complete safety:

-- Temporary Internet Files
-- offline web pages
-- MS office Temporary files
-- MS Error report files
-- Temp files
-- You can go for compression of old files too

Step 3

Cleaning up registry file also helps a lot (This is the most important thing to do). But to ensure that you do not delete some important entries you could go for programs that do a clean up.



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