With the iBooks app being one of the most anticipated features of the upcoming iPad from Apple, there is obviously a ton of discussion about whether or not the device will make any real changes within the educational textbook world. The idea that the platform will be ideal for distribution of low cost textbooks holds a little more weight after the Wall Street Journal reports several publishers signing deals with iPad developers.

Scrollmotion, makers of Iceburg Reader for iPhone, are reportedly in talks with publishers such as Washington Post Co.’s Kaplan Inc., Mifflin Harcourt K-12, and Pearson Education. The article mentions talks of study guides, textbooks, and other educational material specifically for iPad.

When asked about the iPad’s potential Chief executive of ScrollMotion, John Lema, said “…the beginning of handheld education.”

How do you think the iPad will be able to impact the distribution of textbooks and other educational material?



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