After Google’s new micro blogging service Buzz has been released there are many attempts made to make it more popular and easy to use. Mozilla has also taken a step to bring Buzz closer to users with a small Add-on. Now you can share any webpage you find with your friends on Buzz easily.

buzz it extension for firefox

This Add-on is developed by Arthur Sabintsev and makes your work easy in the following ways:

It shortens webpage urls automatically using If you find any webpage interesting just press Buzz it and your Gmail compose box will open in a new tab. You can see the shortened url in the subject area and also add your message. Do not write anything in the email body section as it will not appear on your Buzz update.

After installing this Add-on and restarting Firefox you have to manually drag it to the toolbar. This can be done by right clicking on the tool bar then select customize. In this section you will see the buzz it! Icon, just drag it to toolbar and your work is finished.

This Add-on is also compatible with Flock, Sea Monkey and Mozilla suites.

Download: Buzz it! Add-on



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