Nokia Diagnostics is an experimental application from Nokia Beta Labs that can analyze various components of your Nokia Handset. This analysis covers Various information that you might need to know. According to Beta Labs, with this application you can analyze and test following things:

Network Coverage Test

With this test you will get details of your network provider, network type i.e. GSM or CDMA, signal strength and can also detect offline status, due to manual offline mode or no presence of sim card.

Internet Connectivity Test

This will allow you to test your internet connection in real time and also find out settings automatically that will give you jerk less internet experience.

Loud Speaker And Earpiece Test

If you doubt that your earpiece or loudspeakers are not giving their best performance, use this to know whether they are in good condition or not.

Battery Charger Test

This test will help you to determine whether the Phone charger is working properly or not, hence helping you prevent future problems preventing any harm to the battery.


Sadly for now this application is supported only on Symbion 60 V5 models and is fully compatible with Nokia N97, Nokia N 97 Mini, Nokia X6, Nokia 5230, Nokia 5800, Nokia 5530 but according to Beta Labs this application will also be available for Symbian 60 V3 soon.

Download: Nokia Diagnostics

Note- Free registration required



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