The New York Times has reported Amazon has purchased Touchco, a touch-screen startup, in an obvious attempt to integrate the technology into a future Kindle project. The real question for those wondering the impact the next Kindle will have on the upcoming iPad’s market share within the downloadable book world, is how the technology differs from touch screen technology used in iPhones and iPads.

The biggest difference between Apple’s touch screen technology and Amazon’s newly acquired Touchco technology is the fact that the latter can reportedly have an unlimited number of touch points at once. The technology acquired by Amazon is described as “interpolating force-sensitive resistance technology”, with features including pressure sensitivity, flexibility, and transparency. The technology can reportedly be as low as $10 a square foot which makes it less expensive and more feature filled than Apple’s current touch screen technology for iPhone, iPod Touch, and the upcoming iPad.

The Times reports, “Amazon has been looking to compete with Apple on other fronts as well. Last month, it announced plans for a Kindle applications store and an effort to get developers to create the same breadth of programs for the Kindle that they have created for the iPhone and, soon, the iPad.”

What do you think about the next generation of Kindle’s ability to compete with Apple’s iPad? We want to hear from you……



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