Our fanless F5 will be released for sale online at the end of the month and boasts a 1.5GHz Via Eden Ultra Low Voltage CPU and 1GB of RAM. It has a 12V DC input and has a thick solid aluminium case that is unbreakable. We’ll be releasing two seperate cases – one that can take a 2.5″ drive and one that can take a 3.5″ drive (pictured). Since it has a SATA-I controller, the smaller one can use ultra high-speed SSDs from OCZ and Patriot to serve as a rugged, stand-alone PC with no moving parts that runs Vista, Windows 7, or Linux.

But what’s really exciting about the F5 is that with space for a 3.5″ desktop drive it can serve as a Windows Home Server that is tiny compared to options from HP, Fujitsu, or even Tranquil PC. Western Digital’s Caviar Green drives are now available in 2TB size, though at an early adopter price.

However, we’ll be offering the system equipped with a 1TB WD drive for only $499 ($395 without any drive). Power consumption comes in at just 17 Watts, compared to 40W for a Mac Mini (that only goes up to 160GB storage and has a fan).

The 2.5″ system will be $375 and $449 with a 250GB 7200RPM 16MB Cache drive running Ubuntu 8.10.



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