Android OS is gaining popularity day by day. More and more people are switching to Android based handsets compared with other mobile operating systems. Although there are not enough applications available for Android based smartphones but there is a massive increase of about 14k applications in Android Apps Market, increasing from 16k in January 2010 to almost 30k in March.

Androlib, a third party developer, claimed that there are almost 35k applications right now in Android Apps Market. Google has confirmed the apps count in the Android Market to be almost 30k applications, says a report.

The biggest Android competitor is iPhone at the moment and if we compare the number of applications available for iPhone with the Google Android Market, the ratio of applications available is 5:1. There are almost 140k applications in the iTunes Apps store compared to 30k android apps. But the number of free applications available for android are much more than those available for the iPhone OS. Androlib reports that almost 61% of the applications available in the Android Market are free while the remaining are the paid ones..

Even another good thing about the Android market is that if you buy an application and don’t like it, you have 24 hours from the time of purchase to return the application and get a full refund. This service is not offered in iTunes Apps Store. No wonder why the Android Market is growing at this rate and it is expected to grow much more than that in next few months.



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