Every operating system like Android, iPhone, Windows Phone etc releasing updated of their operating systems. So, than why should RIM stay behind. Finally, there is news all over the internet that RIM is planning to release a new firmware of Blackberry OS 6.0. Screenshots have been leaked on BBleaks who claimed that the images leaked are of the new operating system that will be released by Blackberry.

From what can be seen from the images is that the new operating system will bring support for widgets and a multi-touch display. The authenticity about the leaked images is not sure but BBleaks said, “These spy shot images come highly regarded as real from one our best connects.”

Right now, there are no news related to the release date of the Blackberry 6.0 OS or which devices will feature this new operating system. Looks like the upcoming Blackberry smartphones, Blackberry 9900/ Blackberry 9930 Slider, will come with the new operating system. Rumors suggest that RIM might announce their new smartphone along with the new OS 6.0 at RIM’s own WES show.

This is all we know about the new OS. We have to wait to see whether these leaked images are legit or not.

[via BBleaks]



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