Every one knows Apple iPad madness is flying high and wide. It has even gone past the China wall. China Mobile has expressed interest in selling iPad, the about to be released Apple Tablet. Besides the iPad, the mobile phone carriers are looking to strike a deal with the Cupertinos to sell the high profile iPhone.

China Mobile uptil now has been unable to reach a deal that will enable them to sell the sensational mobile phone from Apple. Wang Jianzhou, who happens to be the China Mobile's chairman and chief executive didn't disclose the reasons which were causing the undesirable delay. However the CEO remained hopeful of striking a deal real soon, as one would expect.

We're hoping we'll come to an agreement (with Apple) on the iPhone as soon as possible

As stated earlier, iPhone isn't the only product that has attracted the telecommunication company, the iPad has got them excited as well.

We will continue to express our interest in the iPhone. But not just the iPhone, also the iPad.

China Mobile sees the deal signing of these two product as an opportunity to enhance and expand its business. It remains to be seen when will the deal be finally signed.

[via AFP]



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