Google, the intelligent search giant will be touching the airwaves of TV screens. The tech giant wants to change the way people use their television sets while it brings the technology to your living room. Teaming up with the best, the search giant has partnered with Intel, Sony and Logitech to launch the first ever Android OS TV. Google has some big plans as the company sees a tremendous change in the future of TV viewing. Google wants the Television to be linked with the Internet which would help viewers watch as well as download videos for endless viewing. For now, the company plans to implement its latest technology in Television and later introduce it to the Blue-ray players and set-top devices.

From the internet to mobile phone and now the Television, the internet search giant brings the vision of Android OS to TV. Adding additional revenue is the main target of every company while also judging the success of the product. The same is the case with Google, even though some experts think Google is moving too fast and should slow down while introducing new products others say this is the best way to capture the market.

Google Official told:

Google, Sony, Logitech and Intel are working together to implement the Android OS to Television.

Logitech will be making a contribution of developing the first Android OS Google TV remote control sets and small keyboard for the device. Google TV is what the official report told the product would be named on the launch. Surf the web through your television, is the slogan which would advertise itself.

No official comment was seen from any of the partners who have announced the joint collaboration of Android OS TV. Viewers will be exposed to the world of internet and can access Picasa Photo Album, YouTube video sharing site and even Twitter.

While no official date was announced for the product to go online, a close source revealed that the product has been under development for months and would be available this summer. It is even heard that Google has started testing the set-top box technology through Dish Network.



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