Apple had all the plans ready and a menu was set, ready to be eaten from the table which the company had planned. For its upcoming product, iPad, the company had plans to offer unlimited viewing of television shows which would be charged in the form of a subscription fee. Some networks have opposed to this type of subscription and rather refer to charging the customers with per episode. Apple is on the run and has things gotten spicy enough for the users of iPad which is to be launched next month.

Seems like Apple needs to adopt another plan as to keep the users happy as well as the television networks on the run. The company seems to be trying to get the deal done to bring media content for iPad which is just weeks away from the release. Apple has registered strong demand for the device and has already sold hundreds of thousands of units. A source close to Apple told that the iPad has become more sold than compare to the iPhone when it was launched.

The problem which Apple now facing is to line up TV programming, digital newspapers and other content before the launch of the device. Companies who had showed interest in bringing the relevant content to the device are now double minded. They are referring to the threats which they may face in terms of revenue. Due to this the Apple is back on the negotiating table with the media companies eying a price cut on TV shows, that people can download onto the device. Apple is also hoping to bring newspapers, magazines and publishers to present their material digitally.

Back when the product was unveiled, Steve Jobs had announced that the gadget would let people play games, browse the Internet, watch video online, read newspapers, magazines and books on the super 9.7 inch color touch screen display.

For now it seems that Apple needs to put on hold the idea to offer TV subscriptions viewable on the iPad as very few media industries are interested. Some have even told that the company is discussing the price of TV shows to drop to 99 cents instead of $1.99 and $2.99. The price cut was not accepted by major TV producers as they are more concerned that the price cut would hurt their existing businesses which includes the heavy subscription amount paid to them by many cable and satellite companies for traditional TVs.

A place where we see Apple stable and going smoothly on the highway would be the virtual bookstore iBooks, which facilitates the users to purchase and read digital books.



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