Looks like Google Nexus One is not as popular as everyone expected. According to a mobile analytics company, Flurry, Google managed to sell only 135,000 Nexus One handset units in 74 days.

Looking at the estimated sales of iPhone and Droid, they managed to sell 1 and 1.05 million handsets respectively. On the other hand, the much hyped Android-based, Nexus One sold only 135k units which is not a good sign for Google. However, people had much expectations from Nexus One and believed that it can be the next iPhone competitor but looks like its not.

Unlike Droid and iPhone, Google Nexus One can only be purchased online and is not available in retail stores. If you want to buy Nexus One, you have to get it through T-Mobile.

Flurry reports:

It used the first 74 days of sales as a benchmark, since that was the timeframe that Apple initially announced it took to sell the first million iPhones in 2007. Since March 19 will mark the first 74 days of Nexus One sales, Flurry said it forecasted results for the last few days of the period.

Other reports suggest that market share of Android based smartphones is increasing and have gone up by 4.3% in just 4 months. It was 2.8 percent in October 2009 and it grew to 7.1% by January 2010. But if thats the case, why are the sales of Google Nexus One dropping? [via Business Insider]



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