A very new Mobile with dual power that is going to create magic in the field of mobile telecomy, very new Olive FrvrOn (VG3200) has come into the scenario. It works on AAA batteries very advanced and eye catchy. New Olive FrvrOn" (VG3200) has a wonderful colour display of 1.5 inch color with FM radio and stereo head set, with fun of polyphonic ring tones. Very affordable range of just Rs 1699. The exclusive feature of New Olive FrvrOn (VG3200) as it is embedded with special AAA battery the benefit is that u can even talk ot your loved ones even when the battery goes off as it has power of Lithium Ions with. A fantastic and exclusive feature that will solve all your battery problem and you can talk for hours without any interruption really!

Olive FrvrOn

Olive FrvrOn" (VG3200) is really going to be a life line with these specialised features just for you in very affordable price so feel the magic of the power with New Olive FrvrOn (VG3200), AAA battery launched by Olive Telecommunication India's first India’s first Hybrid Mobile Phone.



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