Since the announcement, the tech market is full of news of Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 OS. Experts term the OS as a success while some on the other hand say that the software giant is heading for a disaster. Phone maker HTC and carrier T-Mobile were of no answer when asked if they would be implementing the new OS in the HD2 smartphone, soon to be launched in the market.

A few days back, both the companies announced the eagerly awaited launch of its smartphone HD2 in the U.S market. While unveiling their latest gadget, they were of the view that for now Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 OS would not be implemented. Earlier, on its first launch, the phone was released in the Europe market which employed Windows 6.5 Phone OS. Due to some issues in the OS, Microsoft immediately announced that the company has plans to bring in a new OS known as the Windows Phone 7 OS but keeping in mind OS 6.5 can not be upgraded.

We can surely wait for the new OS to arrive but HTC and TMobile could not wait and released their product in the market without the new OS.

Jon Eliav T- Mobile's Spokesperson told:

We don't know when the first Windows 7 Phone OS device is coming out. The company has not confirmed on anything whether it will be utilizing the services of the new operating system in its HD2 smartphone.

Windows Phone 7 OS Overview: The latest Operating System being launched by the software giant is an out of the box version for Windows Mobile. The OS guarantees a state-of-the-art solution to smartphone needs. The interface of the OS is pretty friendly with the background being in black whereas text is mentioned in white. The OS has the ability to handle all tasks such as communicating with people.

All Windows Phone 7 OS users need to have 800 x 480 touch screens including four-point multi touch. The phone needs to have Snapdragon quality CPUs with DirectX 9 compatible GPUs. A built in storage of 8GB is a must to implement the OS. A 5 Megapixel camera is the minimum requirement which the phone should have.

All apps for the Windows OS need to be downloaded from the Windows Mobile Marketplace. All capabilities of the Zune HD are available on board including the Zune Marketplace. App partners include EA and Glu Mobile for games, the AP for news, Netflix and Pandora, Seesmic and Foursquare for social media.

The OS brings in Microsoft Exchange and Sharepoint and also includes Microsoft Office for business area people.



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