Just when we thought 6-core CPU’s had an edge, both major chip manufacturers release more cores. AMD launched its latest series of Opteron server processors, codenamed “Magny Cours”. Customers have a choice of either 8 core and 12-core CPUs, both of which increase performance in both memory and compute intensive workloads. These aren’t your average processors that any home system builder can use, these chips are for the the high-volume server market. The Operton 6000 series features L2 of 512K/core and 12MB of shared L3 cache. There’s also AMD’s CoolCore, PowerNow, CoolSpeed, APML technologies, Enhanced C1 State and more. AMD states some serious performance increase from their previous 6-core Operton processor. You can read the AMD press release here.

Intel counters with a 8-core Nehalem-EX based Xeon 7500 processor. The Xeon 7500 offers up to 24MB of L3 cache, the two extra cores give it even more performance, up to 16 program threads at once with Hyper-threading. Scalable performance, advanced reliability and total cost of ownership give the advantage to Intel’s new “superchip” for servers. The flagship chip of the 7500 series is the X7560, a 2.26GHz chip with 24MB of cache, and support for Turbo Boost to overclock the processor when one or more cores aren’t needed. With this top of the line performance come a hefty price tag. The low-end chip in the series starts out at over $2000. xeon

More Intel Xeon 7500 info here.



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