If there is one thing that Motorola knows how to do perfectly, it is delaying the firmware updates that has people excited the most. It's the same crowd favorite Android 2.1 update and the same bad news - delayed. Motorola Milestone users are the affected entity.

So what's the reason behind the delay this time you ask? Carrier approval has been reported as the responsible entity.

Motorola has apologized to the public for the issue which hasn't been received by people with a big smile on their face. However it seems that the delayed occur due to some activity which was not planned as the apology reveals:

We regret to say the UK 2.1 update has suffered further delays and been pushed back at least another 2 weeks. Additional operator approvals are now required which were not planned for originally. As we don't want to cause any further disappointment, we will now post about the update only once the launch date is 100% confirmed. Sincere apologies for the frustration caused and thanks for your continued patience

I personally think, it's time for the concerned entities to sit down and come up with a resolution that puts an end to this undesired delays once and for all.

[via EuroDroid]



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