It was just last week when Google in its quartely earning reports revealed that the Android Market's app count has reached the 38,000 mark. Now, AndroLib, a tracking company has revealed that the app count has gone past the magical 50,000 mark.

50,031 is the exact count as revealed by the app tracking entity, which is yet to receive searcn engine giant's blessing. When Google was approached by Android Central folks for confirmation, they didn't get one. Instead they got this in response:

We're sticking to 38,000 for now. We'll announce when we do our next formal count.

The thing that is more important here is unfortunately not the app count, but instead the usefulness level of the app. Invariably, whenever there is an announcement of this sort, the question that everyone asks is how many of these apps are worthy to be termed as apps and as the ones that is going to get the audience buzzing and excited to get their hands on it. May be its time for the interested authorities to sit down and define how to go about this issue.

[via Engadget]



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