The much hyped Apple iPad was launched few days back and the people who bought the device have flooded Apple’s support with complaints related to Wi-Fi connections. Users complain about weak Wi-Fi signals on Apple iPad which causes it disconnect.

Apple has posted an article on this issue and stated that iPad does not automatically rejoin known Wi-Fi networks. They also offered a solution for this problem and said it might be a router issue but many users report other devices working perfectly on the same networks on which the iPad is experiencing difficulties and weak signals.

Many people speculate that the problem might be because of the placement of the antenna while others suggest it could be because of some software bug. However, there are users who are not experiencing this problem but majority of them are.

iFixit did a hardware analysis of iPad and reported that it has a Broadcom BCM4329 wireless chip which is the smallest and lowest code wireless chips according to the chipmaker. Looks like the device is not perfect after all as Apple has confirmed Wi-Fi issues with iPad and we don’t know when they will release a fix for this.



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