What's going on in the iPad land? Earlier there were reports of iPad international launch date being delayed once again. Now sources are reporting that iPad won't be making it to Israel as the Communications Ministry has blocked its entry into their country.

According to the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, the incompatibility of the magical Tablet's wireless with the Israeli standards is the reason behind this unpopular decision. Because of this decision, iPad import has been blocked. Customs officials have been given the green signal to consfiscate any Apple Tablet attempting to enter the country.

Here is the official statement regarding te ban:

The iPad device sold exclusively today in the United States operates at broadcast power levels [over its WiFi modem] compatible with American standards.As the Israeli regulations in the area of WiFi are similar to European standards, which are different from American standards, which permit broadcasting at lower power, therefore the broadcast levels of the device prevent approving its use in Israel

The end users are the ones that will be affected by this move the most. Apple itself won't be affected by it one bit. Is there any breakthrough to this blockage?



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