Government of India has serious plans to hold an auction of ultra-high-speed fourth-generation (4G) mobile phone spectrum soon in India keeping pace with rest of the world. Europe's first auction of 4G frequencies has already started in Germany a few days back. 4G spectrum have ability to deliver broadband-like speed to mobile phones, allowing users to have features like TV broadcasts and online games at rates up to 10 times faster than those possible on 3G networks.

4G Mobile

The sale for 4G mobile phones will provide high-speed Internet connections, will begin as soon as operators roll out their 3G networks.

Well-known telecom bidders for 3G spectrum would start the launch of their new networks soon after it is allocated in September. Henceforth, 3G spectrum auction will lead Indians into the mobile Internet era giving access to computer and surf the web from their phones. It will also augment the battle for customers in the world's fastest-growing mobile market.

TRAI- The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India will do some pre-consultation process for the sale of 4G spectrum and then GOI will get into the process.



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