Google has rolled out Google Maps 4.0 for BlackBerry users and it isn't just any update, it is a major one. Previous versions of Google Maps have been found mediocre to say the least. Wait, till you give this a try and you might have a change of verdict. The feature set as implied is pretty impressive.

The attractive feature set of the Google Maps 4.0 include:

  • Search by Voice Put your tired fingers on a rest and let your voice control the Google Maps. Press and hold the green call button to activate the voice based feature and speak your search query.
  • Google Buzz layer - No surprises there. Google will do every bit to promote Google Buzz. This feature just like the Android version enables you to see the buzz posted at the map level as well as post images, news and more yourself.
  • Search Suggestions - Will suggest search terms based on your previous search history.
  • Synchronized Starred items - The items you starred or bookmarked while on your desktop can be accessed from mobile, provided you signed in with your Google account when you did the marking activity.
  • Access Labs features - Google Maps Labs experiments will be at your disposal and you can try them whenever you desire.

To get this version just visit from your BlackBerry browser and you will be ready to go. More details here.



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