A moment to rejoice has arrived for the Spanish mobile lovers waiting eagerly for the Nexus One. What you are reading is absolutely right folks. A Nexus One dedicated page was spotted on Vodafone Spain website which had the magical words "Upcoming launch" written on it. In other words the first Android 2.1 phone is headed to Spain pretty soon.

The phone makes a similar appearance as the one witnessed by UK folks on the Vodafone UK site. The page under focus has been removed for god knows why.

But here is something you should now : The phone is powered by a speedy 1 Ghz processor, has a high quality 5 MP camera. And if that's not enough how about it has an OLED quality touch screen and is a bit slimmer than the all time popular iPhone. Nexus One didn't set USA on fire. Will it be able to create a buzz among the Spanish smartphone loving community. Let's hope for Google's sake it does.

[via GadgetsDna]



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