You must have heard about the powerful HTC Evo 4G device that was announced back in March at the CTIA event. Ever since its announcement, people have been wondering about the arrival date for this powerful gadget.

Well! it seems that their question has finally been answered. According to the details shared by Engadget and its sources; the device is expected to go for sale in June.

13 June is the exact date. To put more weight to this speculation, it is reported that the release date for HTC EVO 4G has been a talking subject for the higher level folks at Sprint. The device is expected to go live for pre-sale at Best Buy in the month of May. The reports of Best Buy employees being trained for the device is what has led to this news.

Of course the most important question here is this, will you buy the device once it becomes available? Do let us know via the comments.

[via Electronista]



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