There was a hacking conference in Vancouver, Canada last week, and the contest was to see who could hack into Internet Explorer 8 on a laptop running Windows 7. Articles exclaimed that "Hackers exploit Windows 7 in 2 minutes!".

This is true, but they failed to report that the hackers turned off security features in IE8. So, if you have a burglar alarm on your house, and disconnect it, because you just don't worry about that kind of stuff, sure it would be easier to get into your house.

If you turn off your Internet security software or disable security features in IE8, sure, it is not going to be as secure as it could be, and it can be vulnerable to attack.

Another thing the article did not mention, is some of the other hacking contests and other Browsers that got hacked.

Here is a news flash you won't read everywhere, at the same conference a fully updated MAC running a fully patched OS X, was hacked, yes a MAC!!! So the supposed bullet proof MAC and Safari browser can be hacked too.

On another note, The German government issued a warning to citizens in March telling them that FireFox had a critical vulnerability, and they should stop using it.

Back at the conference, the winner of the most secure browser, Chrome by Google, it had been patched for 11 vulnerabilities a few days before the contest. That means there were holes or security issues with Chrome, the best one.

Internet Explorer 8 is secure, and when properly set up (usually with default security settings, a good Antivirus program, and Windows updates current, there should not be security problems.

Any browser is going to fail you if you do not update it with security updates, and if you disable important security features that are there to protect you.

I personally like IE8, and I know people who swear by FireFox or even Chrome. I say use what you like, but honestly, they are all targets for hackers, and it is up to you to make sure your security is on, and your updates are performed to keep your security up to date.



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