According to the information collected by Mac Daily, the Cupertinos might be unveiling the next generation of iPhone on 22nd June. What has led to this supposition you ask?

Well as always, the Cupertinos have rented the very same conference center which was used to announce all three previous successful models of the magical gadget known to all of us as iPhone. For more juicy information check out what ModMyi Forum has to say regarding this huge development:

Although no confirmations have yet come from Apple (naturally), there is speculation that the big [next-gen iPhone] reveal could take place on June 22nd.For what its worth, while no concrete evidence has turned up to suggest the announcement of a Verizon iPhone at the June 22nd event, a late-breaking tip from Flurry Analytics suggested the possible existence of a Verizon iPhone being used in the US in recent days

So what do you think, is iPhone HD aka iPhone 4G coming your way on the 22nd of June?

[via TheNextWeb]



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