Only moments ago Apple announced the iPhone OS 4.0 which brings a lot of new features to the platform, Multitasking being the most important one of all.

In only minutes, a user EthanIn1970 managed to download and update his iPhone 3GS to iPhone OS 4.0 beta and made a video while previewing the multitasking features. As it can be seen; the iPhone offers near-to-true multitasking capabilities allowing the user to switch between apps through the dock.

The sad part is that users of iPhone 3G and iPod Touch 2G, while being able to update to iPhone OS 4.0 this summer, still won't be served with the Multitasking feature because the hardware is incapable to do that. For those who want to try multitasking on their iPhone 3GS should head over to this link to download the firmware 4.0.

[Thanks Gizmodo]



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