A couple of days back, we informed you about the appearance of mysterious square shaped Motorola Device. That appearance if you remember was a short one and lacked one important thing - specifications. As I said in that post, the specs were just one leakage away, and that very leakage has occured today. Yes, the specifications of the MotoBlur enabled device are out.

The specifications of this strange phone, which is believed to be named Twist aren't the most powerful set out there. It has a 700 Mhz processor, 3 MP camera, 2.8 inch touchrscreen, 512 MB Flash, 256 MB RAM. However it does have some of my favorite features in Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS. If the document leaked out by Android France is true, then the Motorola Twist is set to arrive on 10th of June.

[via IntoMobile]



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