Twitter folks may be busy in building their official microblogging client for the Android, but that doesn't means Seesmic should stop working on its Twitter client. The third party app developers have proven us right and have rolled out an update for the Seesmic for Android. No, it's not a maintenance release, its an enhancement update with pretty interesting features.

Three new features have embraced the Seesmic version for the Android platform. The three new entrants are:

  • Widgets: The name itself says it all. The Seesmic Android widget, which by the way is the first one will make sure that you see your Timeline updated instantly.
  • Native Retweet: While not the most mind blowing feature, this option brings you the option to retweet using the new method which is a walk in the park, or the old and classical one, which allows you to add your remarks as well.
  • Geotagging: Let your fellow tweeps now the location from where you tweeted with the just enabled geolocation support.

To install the new version of Seesmic for Android, head over to the Android Market on any Android handset and browse the Seesmic app.



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