win7guideI have been using Custom Guide’s Reference Guides for a couple terms now in my Photoshop Elements class at school when teaching, and they are really helpful.

This company has online training and other services for companies. They have a whole page of free cheat sheets (That is what I call them) with commonly used commands and tips and tricks.

Very nice visually, and very colorful. If you open it in Adobe as a .pdf, and print it in color, you can put it in a nice sheet protector, or even laminate it, and keep it at your desk when working on the particular program.

I especially like the Photoshop Elements one, because it is hard to remember the short cuts and other commands.

There are more than 75 different quick ref guides to help you. From Windows 98 to Win 7, Microsoft Office programs to Adobe Photoshop, Elements, Internet Explorer, Firefox and much more is available.

The Windows 7 guide is great if you are just upgrading or getting a new computer with Windows 7 installed, it can really help to get started using 7.

What is cool about these, is you may use the program every day, but not realize some of the shortcuts and quick things you can do with the program.

The best thing is, they are free and you can share them with others.

Check it out at Custom Guide



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