Guess who decided to make a blurry appearance on the Sprint Store. It is none other than the highly anticipated HTC Evo 4G. The image which has led to this news was shared by PPCGeeks forums.

The source reveals that the phone was spotted at a Sprint Store located in Central Florida. The question is what was the 4G enabled phone doing there? May be just may be, it is due to the upcoming HTC EVO 4G launch party scheduled to be held on 12 May in New York. Speaking of the launch party, the attendants would be getting a valuable opportunity to have some hands on phone with the Android 2.1 powered phone.

Let me make a pretty wild guess, is it there in the Sprint store to train the employees? In case you are wondering why this phone is so important, we would like to inform you that this phone has a gigantic 4.3 inch touch-screen and WiMax, along with an 8 MP camera that lets you record 720p video.

[via Engadget]



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