E3 is where the who’s who of gaming world come forward annually to display their latest and greatest titles, gadgets and projects.

This year at the Electronic Entertainment Expo Japnese gaming giant Nintendo is expected to announce its latest venture into the portable gaming market. Although much of the details regarding 3DS have yet to come to light, the following is expected.

  • There will be no need to 3d glasses to enjoy the 3d effects of this console.
  • Backward compatibility for DS and DSi titles.
  • A high resolution screen (upto 720p).
  • It will have two screens like the previous portables, with the ability to convert both of them into one giant screen.
  • Will have motion sensing technology incorporated into it.
  • Will have touch screen (which is obvious because we cant play DS titles without a touch screen duh).
  • Will incorporate 2 cameras.

In the portable gaming market Nintendo is definitely not a new comer since it once held up to 90% if the markets share. But it remains to be seen whether this pimped out portable device is worth the hype.

Maybe Nintendo feels that its time they moved on from producing games that target a younger audience, maybe not. I still remember how analysts bashed the Wii yet it managed to be the top selling console for the last 2-3 years beating Xbox360 and PS3. May be this console is headed for the same fate…who knows.



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