Here is something to kill the misery of those who are deaf and feel it difficult to live with people like us, shoulder to shoulder. They feel it difficult to understand what the other person says as they have the only options to judge by reading lips of that person.

It somehow leaves them with getting some part of the whole conversation and it, for sure, is the most difficult and irritating thing ever. Well how about the idea to give them, what you speak, in a written transcript; in real time.

Danish designer, Mads Hindhede, put himself in the deaf ones’ shoes and felt the indefatigableness they feel in the effort. He therefore ended up designing a pair of glasses with a built in microphone and an embedded speech-to-text conversion program. The microphone gets the voice of the person in your line of sight and then uses the embedded program to convert it in to text. It then displays the text at the inner side of the lenses.

What can be more fascinating than its text recording feature that records the text in flash memory for later use. That means if you are deaf and are a habitual yawner during the lectures, meetings or discussions then this is a must-have gadget for you. Now with this, you can have a peaceful and sound sleep through boring lectures especially.

[via Dvice]



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