Seems like the 3D era has alot to expect. While humans from all walks of life were busy enough in getting their hands on the 3D LED’s, computer maker HP decided to make a jump which would surely result as a leader in the market and for others to follow. HP unveiled its first ever 3D technology Laptop for the users who want something exclusive.

The kid has been named ‘HP Envy 17 3D Laptop‘ which delivers the 3D view on the big 17.3 inch screen. Fitted with speakers and subwoofer to bring out the best, the company is surely aware that they would be making a big bunch on the name of it being 3D.

The Envy 17 3D laptop is fitted with a Blu-ray player capable of running 3D movie as well as other high-definition videos. Developers thought of fixing the machine with the accurate amount of data space as to fit the large sized high-definition content, due to which the Envy 17 comes packed with a 2TB hard disk for storage.

What good is a machine if it lacks the power of Intel. Team Intel has powered the Envy 17 3D laptop with the Intel quad core i7 processor backed by the AMD Mobility Radeon HD 5850 Graphics Card.

The bundle pack comes with 3D shutter glasses to view the 3D content. The laptop is also fitted with the HP Thermal Assistant Software which detects the PC temperature levels and maximizes the cooling mode when necessary.

Critics have tagged it as a full-fledged media center laptop with a high color gamut delivering a 1080p on a 17 inch 3D widescreen.

Furthermore, the 3D glasses a powered by Xpan HD which talk to the built-in receiver located where the webcam usually is. It is also heard that HP is offering a bundle of 200 3D games along with the Laptop. The HP Envy 17 3D Laptop is tagged at a price of $1989.00.

via [PC World]



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