To enhance the capabilities of mobile devices, a new joint innovation research center will be opened by Intel and Nokia in Oulu University of Finland.

Nokia is a Finland based mobile handset making giant and the choice of opening its new research center there was quite obvious. Currently, Intel also has a huge and widely spread network called as Intel’s European Research Network in Europe and establishment of this one will add one more jewel in this network.

Mobiles are an essential part of each and everyone’s life these days. Their utility and significance in every sphere of life has increased many folds. It is useful in personal life as much as in professional life. The life of youngsters and business executives is incomplete without mobile-based communication whether it is on call or social networking sites or messengers.

The new research center will employ some 24 R&D professionals and the lab will be equipped with open source platform by Intel and Nokia, MeeGo. The R&D professionals there will focus on developing open-source software and displaying of 3D holograms of people one talks to on mobile. The softwares developed will very well complement with the Intel’s chips and its applications will be in making of
virtual control panel for a mobile device to regulate heating and lighting in a real world home. The scenes of some sci-fi movies will become true if this research be fruitful.



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