Introducing, the first ever Arc designed Mouse with Touch features. Mouse which has been tagged as the perfect travel companion. The only mouse which has the feature to pack itself up, developed specially for space envy travelers. Microsoft’s Arc Touch Mouse has the ability to change shape as it can fold flat to fit perfectly which makes it perfect for travel. The latest gadget by Microsoft guarantee’s comfort as the Mouse is designed to keep your palm at rest.

The touch feature in the mouse makes use of the center strip for scrolling and mouse click for page up/down. While some favor the move made by Microsoft to introduce the touch feature, critics were of the view that feedback won’t be strong as scrolling using a roller ball is rather easy compare to a touch feature.
Power saving is one issue which has been worked upon well. Microsoft guarantee’s that the Arc Touch Mouse can last as long as six months using the AAA batteries. Furthermore, the mouse uses the BlueTrack laser to find its position and beams input over the RF wireless.
Microsoft’s Arc Touch Mouse would be available on Amazon, Best Buy and for pre-order. The company plans to roll out the product by December for the above online stores while other retail outlets would start shelving it by January. The Arc Touch Mouse have been tagged at a price of $69.95.
A survey conducted recently confirmed that a third notebook buyer still purchase a mouse. Microsoft aims to continue selling the mouse and keep the tradition alive while others such as Apple continue to make the mouse obsolete.
Brett Ostrum, GM Hardware Group at Microsoft, told:
This is not the first time that the mouse has been threatened — look at 10 years ago when people started buying laptops that had integrated pointers and touch pads. Still, the mouse category continued to grow and grow. The reasons people need external mice will not change: comfort and precision. The Arc Touch Mouse just demonstrates again how committed Microsoft is to continuing to bring great new mice to consumers.



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