Microsoft on Tuesday made an official announcement, unveiling the new wireless Xbox 360 controller which gets a brand new addition of a D-Pad, having the ability to transform from a plus to a disc. Even though, the tech giant announced the release of the new controller, Microsoft announced that it won’t be sold separately. The wireless controller would only be available bundled with the Play and Charge Kit, ready to hit the shelves on November 9. The new controller has been priced at $64.99.

The controller has also been upgraded and given a brand new look. Color scheming differs than what the old controller looked as before. The A, B, X, and Y buttons have been colored gray instead of the standard red, yellow, green and blue. The analog sticks have also been re-shaped while the controller is a give a matte silver touch.

Larry Hryb, Xbox Live Programming Director, told in a live demo:

We’ve heard from the community that you’re not big fans of the D-pad, so the engineers went back into the laboratory and came up with this ingenious solution. It is a revolutionary D-pad that transforms from a disc into a plus … with the twist of a hand.

The wireless controller delivers a 30-foot range which is powered with 2.4 GHz wireless technology. The controller includes a charging cable which gives upto 35 hours of game play per super charge. The console has the ability to connect itself with four wireless controllers, which gives the best out of playtime.



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