As much as I hate to be the bearer of bad news, I feel it is only right to share with you folks not only the good but the bad side of the upcoming T-Mobile G2. Here it goes – T-Mobile’s first 4G enabled Android phone won’t be doing WiFi Tethering.

If you are thinking that the device doesn’t have the capability, then stop right there as you are boarding the wrong train. Here’s the official statement from the T-Mobile:
T-Mobile does not currently support handset tethering or offer a tethering rate plan. Though tethering and Wi-Fi sharing will not be initially supported on the T-Mobile G2, we know that consumers are interested in these features and we are working to develop a solution to support them in the future.
So here you have it – the only reason why WiFi Tethering won’t be available for the owners of the G1 successor is that the carrier doesn’t have tethering plans set up for their consumers. What’s more T-Mobile has promised to enable this handy feature in the coming months.
T-Mobile G2 is currently available for pre-orders for existing T-Mobile users and employees and will hit retail stores starting from 6th October. Want specs? Get them here.

[via PhAndroid]



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