You know what date is today? It’s 11th October the date on which Windows Phone 7 was to be given an official launch party. Steve Ballmer has done just that and announced their Windows Mobile successor which they hope will take them a long way in the intensely competitive smartphone market.

Glance and go is the slogan the Redmondians have used to promote Windows Phone 7 which of course refers to Live Tiles. Here is what Microsoft hopes to achieve with Glance and Go:

In today’s busy world we are spending more time heads-down on our phones than interacting with the people we’re sitting next to and missing out on important life moments. Windows Phone 7 was designed to deliver a mobile experience that has the phone working better for people, bringing together the things they care about most and helping them to get things done faster.

The giant device makers in HTC, LG, Samsung and Dell were part of the official Windows Phone 7 launch which will help both the parties for sure. A total of 9 Windows Phone 7 devices will go live in the year 2009. Windows Phone 7 devices will be up for grabs in Europe and Asia starting from 21st October whereas 8th November is the date on which Windows Phone 7 will hit retail stores in US.

[via Engadget]



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