Norton PC Checkup

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Norton PC Checkup | 11.94 Mb

Norton PC Checkup is a hassle-free diagnostic tool that will check your PC in order to identify performance, security and system-related problems. Over 200 elements of your PC are scanned each time, giving you a complete and customized report on your PC’s overall health.

Through its simple graphical user interface, you can review and perform simple do-it-yourself steps to fix PC problems, upgrade or purchase needed software, or call an expert for remote help – all right from Norton PC Checkup.

You can easily improve your PC’s performance and security, saving you both time and money. Completely automated and easy to use, PC Checkup finds PC problems in two ways:

First, PC Checkup performs a deep diagnostic scan of your computer every week to ensure you have the latest information about your PC. This full system scan takes less than 10 minutes on most computers.

Then PC Checkup works quietly in the background to proactively detect and alert you to PC problems before they get bad enough to interrupt your digital life.

Here are some key features of "Norton PC Checkup":

· Powerful diagnostic covering important security and performance aspects of your PC
· Summary view of your PC’s security and performance problems
· Pro-active alerting when problems are found
· Customized report for your PC with actionable recommendations and do-it-yourself steps
· Automated, light weight software that uses less than 15 MB of hard drive space and 5 MB of running memory
· Takes less than 30 seconds to download on broadband internet
· Virus, spyware, and bot detection scan
· Automatic updater for virus definitions
· Custom PC performance and startup item scan
· Windows Event Log parsing engine
· Wireless networking security diagnostics
· Power Management profile detection
· Anti-virus software scan
· Anti-spyware software scan
· Firewall software scan
· Backup and restore software scan


· 800 MHz CPU
· 256 MB RAM
· 500 MB of available hard drive space
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