Tablets have taken the gadget world by storm with iPad obviously leading the charge. So what news we have to share with you folks from the Tablet world this time? Toshiba plans to unleash its series of Tablets in US, Japan and other parts of the world in early part of 2011.

This useful piece of information was shared by a Toshiba engineer while giving an interview to the Wall Street Journal. Hideo Kasuya, an engineer involved in the development of tablet computers explained why they are going all crazy for the Tablet:

The market for tablets is very hot right now
So what tablets Toshiba plans to unleash come 2011? While we are yet to get some concrete names, it is believed that they will be Android powered. One of them might be Folio 100 which was unveiled by the manufacturers in Berlin last month.
Toshiba, the world’s fifth largest manufacturer of notebooks intends to cement a dominant and revenue generating position in the Tablets arena. But the question that needs to be answered here is of course this – Does it stand a chance? Based on the release time frame set by the manufacturers, I see them facing an uphill task. By early part of 2011, Samsung’s promising Galaxy Tab would have already hit the market and possibly would have won heart of many tablet loving fans.



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