US Cellular certainly knows which Android smartphones to play host to. The US based telecom carrier has announced Samsung Mesmerize which in reality is the US Cellular version of the high flying and high selling Samsung Galaxy S.

Here’s what made the US based telecom operators choose this attractive device:

Customers told us they want access to the newest phones and the Samsung Mesmerize is an impressive Android-powered device for people who want to stay connected to work, entertainment and the people who matter most to them.

Just to refresh your memory, the phone will become equipped with a 1 Ghz processor alongwith a 4 inch AMOLED touchscreen, 5 MP camera, WiFi and other normal suspects one has become accustomed to seeing from the modern device.

One thing which I am not happy to see is the phone running Eclair or Androd 2.1 as some of you like to call it. Samsung Mesmerize is scheduled to get Froyo update later this year.

Samsung Mesmerize will go live for sale starting from 27th October. The handset will cost $199 after $80 mail in rebate.

This happens to be the carrier’s third Android device, the second one being the high selling HTC Desire. US Cellular is not done with Android devices for the year as it plans to unleash two new Android devices in LG Apex (in November) and the LG Optimus (in December).

[via PhAndroid]



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