iPad just keeps scoring new retail chains which will definitely please Apple, since it gives the Cupertinos more channels to sale iPad from and generate revenue from it. Walmart is the name of the latest retailer which is getting the magical Apple Tablet and is all to set to start selling it this Friday.

Apple and Walmart have an agreement in place that will see iPad distributed to Walmart’s 2300 outlets across the US by mid of November. All of the iPad models will be available for purchase from Walmart and at the same price that Apple charges.

With Walmart’s addition, Apple now has more than 5300 sources from where the American based users can get the 9.7 inch iPad from. These 5,300 retail points include 221 US native Apple Stores, 1,093 BestBuy outlets and 1,743 Target locations.

If you have been following Apple since the advent of iPhone, you would agree that this is the most quickest Apple has distributed its iDevice to a 3rd party retailer. The question is why this change? There are two explanations for this – Apple may be fearful of the rising family of Android Tablets or may be just may be they want to get the maximum profit out of their revolutionary product. Which reason makers more sense? Tell us in the comments.

[via Fortune]



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