Google had finally made the jump on the television bandwagon, the platform was initially launched quite a while ago with the Logitech Revue and the Sony Internet TV. Google had hoped to fill out the gap between subscription based TV and content that is available on the Internet, through this very platform. It seems so that Google TV has faced some serious tough luck, as desperate times loom ahead if Sony or Best Buy start a sale.

So how exactly did Google TV end up in a tough pickle? well partly because of the fact that majority of the subscription based TV content providers have banned their content on Google’s new TV service, and the worst part is, these account for some of the most-watched TV channels, so Google TV loses some serious points for this. However, being oblivious to this fact, Google TV units are lucratively priced, so if one were to do a cost benefit analysis, the answer is pretty obvious.

Sony looks hot on the heels of this very problem, considering the fact that it has decided to offer Blu-ray Google TV units for 25% off.The Logitech Revue, was initially launched for $300, and however it has been holding up pretty well at retailers, the likes of Amazon. Sony has nevertheless decided to offer its set-top box model that is available on sale now, considering the fact that it is only less than a month old.

So looking at this price cut, even if it is permanent, it can be safely deduced that the average customer will actually think of turning towards Google’s TV service, only because of the fact that they will be getting a fairly attractive price even if majority of the most loved content is currently not available on this platform. Let us see how much benefit and rise this brings to Google TV sales in general.

Via TechCrunch



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