Looks like Acer is placing its bets on Google’s signature operating system, the Android, as it has announced that the company is going to produce a 10.1 inch tablet, a 7-inch tablet and a 4.8-inch smartphone that will all run on Google’s operating system, which has created quite a buzz since it was introduced. Many manufacturers have already rolled out products that run on Android, and no doubt, Google’s operating system has been a huge hit and has been accepted by consumers worldwide.

This yet to be named, Android running smartphone from Acer certainly has features that will easily make anyone drool which are in many ways similar to the Dell Streak, it however boasts more power and functionality. First off, is the seemingly impossible screen resolution of 1024×480 with an aspect ratio of 21:9. The device also has a whopping 8 mega pixel camera which comes with an LED Flash. The device will have loads of power on it as this Acer smartphone is powered by a 1 GHz Snapdragon processor. What adds the cherry on top is the fact that this device also features a Gyroscope/accelerometer which will truly turn this device into a portable gaming machine, and that it also has Bluetooth 3.0, 802.11n WiFi, HSDPA support, and a HDMI output. Sweet, isn’t it?

Now coming to the tablet, these (also yet to be named) tablets from Acer sport an impressive and unbelievable 1280×800 screen resolution coupled with1080p HDMI capacity. 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity is obviously on board. In terms of size, the 10.1” tablet is just 13.3 mm thick which makes it a tad wider than the iPad. The 10.1” tablet will also feature a 5 mega pixel camera at the back and will also be having a front camera.

In these times when almost every other manufacture is coming out with new and more innovative products such as tablets and smartphones, whose demand has risen considerably in the market over the past few years, Acer just might be able to leave a mark with these new products that it hopes to launch. All of these devices are expected to go on sale in April 2011, and the prices are yet to be announced.

via Mashable



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