Apple’s iPad is all the hype these days. Previously, we had informed you that the iPad was going to be available soon in Scandinavia and we also told you that The Washington Post had landed on the iPad. Now, we’ve got some more news. Speculations were raised quite some time back, when it was presumed that News Corp. was planning on creating an exclusive newspaper for the iPad. Well ladies and gentlemen, it is!

Guardian claims that the project which is to be called, The Daily, will be revealed later this month. What’s specific about this project is the fact that it will exclusively be an iPad-only newspaper, meaning that it would not available in web or print versions. It is also being said that The Daily will make its way to other tablets in the near future as well, but initially it is only focussing on the iPad, which has already been sold at exponential numbers, so it can safely be assumed that The Daily just might become popular on the iPad.

News Corp. is said to be taking this project quite seriously, with the whole 26th floor of the News Corp. offices while there would be a dedicated team of 100-150 journalists that will work solely to produce daily content for the newspaper. It is being said the managing editor of the New York Post will be taking the top job of the editor for The Daily. Rupert Murdoch, News Corp. leader seems to be taking quite an interest in this project because of the reason which is his belief that consumers are willing to pay for high- quality, original content, which is definitely something he looks forward to providing consumers in The Daily.

It has also been reported that the Apple team is looking after the technical aspects of this project as The Daily is all set to be rolled out by the end of this month. This newspaper will work as a downloadable application that would require a fee of 99 cents to use for one week, which means that at about $4 dollars a month, the iPad user is covered with full access to the newspaper every single day of the month.

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