It seems like there is just no stopping Apple. The company has won hearts of millions of people worldwide due to its classy and innovative products, products which have been the defining face of this company for many years so for it to expand the sale of its devices to newer destinations, seems perfectly legitimate. Apple is now all set to launch its signature tablet, the iPad all across the Scandinavian countries, a move which will definitely boost up overall sales considerably.

Scandinavia, which comprises countries Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden are all set to receive Apple’s grand tablet quite soon actually. It seems so that the Scandinavian people won’t have to wait for long to get their hands on a brand new iPad, as Apple has already begun to send out clear messages that the product will be available soon. Something which can be confirmed by the fact that Apple has already started to make up web pages for these specific countries, claiming that the tablet will be soon available for purchase.

The procedure of sale in Scandinavia is going to be different than that in the United States where carriers themselves sell the tablet. In Scandinavia, carriers Tre, TeliaSonera AB, Tele2 AB and Telenor ASA will only be providing the data and 3G services in their respective territories rather than also selling the iPad themselves. Apple’s iPad is said to be available to customers in these countries by end of this month or sometime December. No matter what the date specifically might be, it can be guessed for sure that the hype surrounding the official availability of the iPad in Scandaniva would be growing with each passing day.

Via 9to5mac



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